Does Counselling work for everyone?
Different people will get different results from their therapy experience. Recent studies from the International Centre For Clinical Excellence showed that 80% of clients in Counselling and Therapy end up better off than those who didn’t seek help.

What is Counselling?
Counselling “offers you a safe, confidential place to talk about your life and anything that may be confusing, painful or uncomfortable. It allows you to talk with someone who is trained to listen attentively and to help you improve things” BACP

Is Counselling an instant Cure?
It normally takes a few sessions for you to become aware of changes and improvements in your life.  Sometimes counselling and therapy can initially be quite difficult but rest assured that with Go Counselling you will always be in a safe place at the end of your session.

How much does it cost?

A session currently costs £35*

Couples counselling session (1 hour) - £45

* I currently only work with adults (18+) 

What questions should I ask when choosing a Counsellor?
The following are questions to ask a Counsellor and Therapist as recommended by the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I will discuss these kind of things with you so that it’s very clear how we will work together.

    How many sessions will I need?
    Will the sessions be confidential?
    How much does it cost?
    What type of therapy do you offer?
    What happens if I miss a session?
    Will I still have to pay if I want to take a holiday?
    If you make notes during the session, what happens to these?
    Can I contact my therapist in between sessions?
    Where are you located?



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